It is essential to not only have  a web presence, but to market that presence in a cost-effective manner. With a properly designed and maintained website, you'll have:

  • Instant access to the global marketplace of 100+ million customers, steadily growing at a million users each month.
  • Customers, prospects, suppliers and investors can hear your message or send you information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The timeliness, flexibility, and in depth information available from on-line companies is a benefit that cannot be matched by any other medium.
  • A customer centered multimedia environment whose average income is $52,000 per year.
  • Users can easily point and click their way across the Internet with minimal knowledge of computers and applications.
  • Customers can find the information they want, when they want it.
  • Your audience will have access to your company's products and services in full color, anytime, day or night, for far less cost than television, newspaper, radio or any other advertising media.
  • A fast, economical way to distribute information worldwide - A cost-effective way to grow.


  • Domain name - Whether or not you have your own domain name ( or a subdomain ( can be very important when it comes to customer recognition. Yes, there are ways to have your site hosted for free, but the longer your domain name/website is, and the farther it is away from the all-important "www" can actually change the impression your site leaves on its potential visitors.
  • Credit Cards - If you're going to be selling merchandise through your website, and you opt not to accept credit cards (or at least PayPal), you're automatically cutting off a big percentage of potential customers. Remember, shoppers ALWAYS follow the path of least resistance, and clicking their way through an online order form with their credit card will invariably be easier than printing out an order form and writing a check, or calling in an order to a live person. Credit card shopping online is the fastest growing facet of ecommerce, and unless you take advantage of it from the start, you're hurting yourself.

Remember, if your website isn't under constant construction, you're dead in the water.